One of CIR’s key success factors, and one of the special benefits it offers to its students, is the mentoring program. CIR’s goal is to provide one mentor for every two students in order to establish a direct relationship and also to have the student pair provide support and learning to each other. CIR’s mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and professions. Mentors meet in person and via the web with their mentees. Mentors provide encouragement, accountability, perspective and guidance through the high school academic and college application and selection process.

Many mentors continue to provide support to their mentees through college and sometimes beyond. In many cases, mentors act as “surrogate parents” for the educational process for CIR’s students. The mentors can have a significant impact on their mentees’ academic and life direction. For more information on the mentoring program please see CIR’s mentor website at


"I always knew I wanted to go to college but I often felt that I didn't have the resources or the opportunity to go to a four-year university. My parents never went to college and didn't know how to help me in school, nor did they understand what I was going through. My mentor was my support system; she motivated me, guided me and believed in me. She was the person I went to for help with my math homework, questions about college, and when I needed someone to motivate me to keep on going. She took me to my first college tour at Sonoma State and she made sure I never gave up until I got there. I'm so grateful that CIR put her in my life."

– Eva Oliveros, Sonoma State University