A key reason for the success CIR has achieved over the years is the matching of our students with volunteer mentors. Our original model of a single mentor having two mentees has  worked very well. However, our rapid growth has led us to identify an additional mentor model whereby a number of mentors meet with a larger number of students (typically 2-3 mentors with 5-7 mentees) on a monthly basis throughout the school year.

Grade-specific content for use at each monthly session helps ensure that all mentees in the program are being exposed to key topics at the right time in their high school careers. We expect many of these mentors will begin to develop individual mentor/mentee relationships with some of the students and provide additional mentoring in between the scheduled monthly meetings.

Sources of mentors for these sessions can be employee groups from local companies (as is the case with companies such as PG&E, PwC, and Blake-Griggs Properties), individual volunteers new to CIR, as well as some of our existing mentors who may want to participate in the monthly group mentoring sessions either in lieu of or while continuing their current mentor relationships.

Whether as an individual or a group mentor, all mentors will have the satisfaction in knowing the significant and positive impact they will have on their mentees’ academic and life direction.

For more information on the mentoring program please see CIR’s mentor website at


"I always knew I wanted to go to college but I often felt that I didn't have the resources or the opportunity to go to a four-year university. My parents never went to college and didn't know how to help me in school, nor did they understand what I was going through. My mentor was my support system; she motivated me, guided me and believed in me. She was the person I went to for help with my math homework, questions about college, and when I needed someone to motivate me to keep on going. She took me to my first college tour at Sonoma State and she made sure I never gave up until I got there. I'm so grateful that CIR put her in my life."

– Eva Oliveros, Sonoma State University