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Donors & Sponsors
(Current and Past)
World Cup Donor World Cup Donor Olympic Donor

- San Francisco Community Foundation

- Quest Foundation
- Wells Fargo Bank Community Foundation
- Heritage Bank of Commerce Foundation
- Union Bank Community Foundation
- Target Community Foundation
- Nike Foundation (matching gift)
- Freitas Foundation
- Charles Schwab Foundation
- George Miller Youth Foundation
- Joseph Parker Foundation
- State Farm Insurance


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- Blake Family
- Greg and Mary Chabolla
- Delta Upsilon-Stanford Memorial Scholarship Fund
- Pete and Leslie Higgins
- Tony and Elaine La Russa
- Robert and Susan Telles
- Jim and Laura Hulburd
- Alene Miskovetz
- John Newell
- Mary Lou and Gerald Fiala
- Paul and Constance Riccardi

- Bob and Kathy Cohen
- Brad and Lisa Blackwell
- Mark Conroe
- Jim Eddy
- Saverio and Jennifer Deluca
- Steve and Rhonda Huntley
- Pam and Grant Finlayson
- Ted and Kim Helgans
- John and Kathy McCorduck
- Peter Schnugg
- Michael Mendes
- Jerry and Cindy Mix
- Brad and Kerry Peterson
- Tim & Catherine Ramos
- Tom Thompson
- Billy and Eileen Wee
- Mike and Mary Frandsen
- Keith and Hallie Grossman
- Dick and Susy Harris
- Susan and Mark Reckers
- Anne Mulroy

Champion Donors    
- Christopher Avery
- Majorie Blake-Myers
- Guillermo & Rosemary Cuadra
- Rosemary Delgado
- Paul Eveloff
- Rob Hirt
- Neil and Laura Kapp
- Alan and Ann Ledford
- Daniel McNevin
- Michael and Barbee John
- Michael Mendes
- Jerry and Cindy Mix
- Chad Hagle
- Ned and Betsy Mandel
- The Palmer Team
- Ned and Carol Spieker
- SRVHS Leadership Class
- Laird Cagan
- Joe and Dana Doucette
- Robert and Carla Enea
- Kase Group
- John McColl
- McCorduck Properties
- Tom and Jody McDonough
- Jill Schnugg
- Lauren Abrams
- Steve and Kathryn Benvenuto
- Jodie Brescia
- Paul and Joni Brownstein
- Greg and Mary Chabolla
- Lance and Terry Fox
- Tony and Jana Haertl
- David Millstein and Carol Carluccio
- Kirk and Kari Penland
- Melissa and Kim Peterson
- Jeff Thomson