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Long-Term Impact & Scope
For the first few years, the College is Real program will be focused on Richmond High School and its soccer program. Once the foundation is built and sustainable success is established, the program may be implemented at similar schools and athletic programs on a regional, state and perhaps national level. The fundamentals of using an established sports program with strong leadership, mentoring, monitoring and accountability, a strong work ethic and a desire to improve economic status are transferable and scalable with the right framework, leadership and financial resources. As an alternative to expand horizontally to other schools the program expanded within Richmond High School to serve non-soccer students, provide college scholarships, and on-going college/alumni support and provide after-school programs to elementary school students.


Community Service
The student leadership group of College is Real volunteered to run an after-school soccer and reading program at nearby Dover Elementary School. Aproximately 40-50 elementary school students participated in the program every Friday afternoon for a eight-week period in the spring.

The CIR students acted as coaches, mentors and teachers for the kids and helped them improve their soccer skills, fitness and reading ability. One of the goals of CIR is to teach its members the importance of community service and their acting as role models for the kids in the community.

CIR plans on continuing this after-school program at Dover as well as implementing other community service activities for its members.